Why Meditate?

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Although many people still ask why meditate? Those people that already do will already know the answer. The answer is that by meditating you can cause your mind and body to find better relaxation, a relaxation which lasts long after the actual meditation has stopped. It can also help to relieve stress and the build-up of stress. These benefits of meditation are not just claims as they have been shown to be correct and often with just the minimum of actual meditation time.

One of the reasons many people do not start to meditate is because they mistakenly think that they do not have the time in their busy schedule for meditation. Why these people are often mistaken is because they think that in order to reap any benefits from it, several hours a day have to be spent meditating but the fact is that just a few minutes meditation every day can work wonders. Although people can, of course, meditate for longer if they wish, it is usual to just start off with as little as 15, 10 or even just 5 minutes per day and results are still experienced.

Although just one 15 minute meditation per day is recommended, additional 1 or 2 meditations per day of just 2 minutes or so have been shown to provide even better results. The 15 minute meditation is something which most people could fit into their busy schedules especially as it is considered the best time for this meditation is just before going to bed or first thing in the morning. The additional 1 or 2 shorter meditations can occur whilst waiting for a meeting, waiting for a bus or whilst actually on the bus and so are not as difficult to fit into even the busiest of schedules.

Perhaps the best thing about meditation is the fact that no equipment or special skills are needed to do it and so anyone can begin to meditate at any time and see how beneficial it can be to them themselves instead of just listening to others. To meditate you should sit down with your back straight and then take a few deep breaths to try and clear your mind. Whilst taking the breaths you should concentrate your mind on those breaths, clearing it of all else, you should then continue to take breaths and with each breath think of a 2 syllable phrase or word.

Concentrate on the first syllable as you inhale and then the second syllable as you exhale.

The concentration on the words as you breathe should clear your mind of anything else, including troubles you may have and so make you feel more relaxed. Instead of a word or phrase, some meditators will instead think of the air as it is inhaled and travels down the body and then think of it as it returns up through the body as they exhale. Either method should work provided you remain concentrated on your choice for the prescribed time.

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